censorship - the oldest of suppressed traditions

it comes as no surprise that censorship should be popularly misperceived as a form of social repression. the contradictions which support such an inversion are manifest. despite the fact that it has been demonstrated time and again that consciousness is an effect of a closed system of exclusive focus, of censorship, it is maintained that censorship and silence are the negation of consciousness. those who oppose censorship factually employ censorship on itself.

the negative and its use

anything can be censored for any reason; start by censoring this text. the censors of the "left", "right" and "centre" all do their collective part; despite the fact that they imagine themselves to be motivated by the very beliefs we will ultimately negate.

censorship supersedes plagiarism as a negation of originality because it suppresses not only production of originals, but also their reproduction through plagiarism and appropriation which reinvigorate the original and maintain its circulation. censorship is to the present what plagiarism was to history.

the healing power of doubt

we set ourselves the task of discrediting all received ideas without offering a single alternative thought with which they might be replaced.