I faced similar confusion when I wanted to explore the cosmetology of open pop star Martial "Locus Solus" Canterel. He is obviously refering to Cantsin "Hocus Pocus" Cantsin, the magician and Jack London of squirrels that have that kind of SMILE, the way a person SMILES to say "No way, I mean yield up the house and children to me so you have no one to blame for your carelessness but yourself!" and "Naturally none of these people left records. The only thing we know about them comes from the gossip of their enemies. But no matter. I'm just trying to show you a wire suddenly vibrating its middle portion into invisibility, as a derbied slug raced across it, on its way to its founder, Norman Hallerith. Later of the pop group "Stormin' Norman and Susie!" We used to play chess in a hotel bar once a week, although, truth to tell, I always preferred Bridge.