Monty Cantsin had drawn a brain on my mostly shaved head. My haircut at the time was a circle that went around 1 ear in the front & the other ear in the back. There was an upside-down & backwards question mark on the back. This was before I had my brain tattoo. For the "Chapati Circus" I wore a green clown wig hiding it all & a clear plastic "normal" face mask. My clothes were a jump suit made by & given to me by Nancy Andrews that had "Discover a Lovelier You" written neatly on it with pictures of plastic surgery - including "nose jobs" & "tummy tucks". Continuing the tradition of free neoist haircuts, I had Cantsin cut my wig & lather my mask. To climax this grotesque farce, I eventually ripped my transparent mask apart in the process of shaving it & Pete pulled off my wig to reveal my "brain" & the spectacle of my head underneath.